About Us

Wanda Dover-Stratman and her husband, Neal, started Travel World and Dover Tours in Sheldon, IA in 1985. When Neal passed away in 2001, the travel agency was sold to Paula Ahlers. Wanda continued packaging, selling and directing the tours in addition to doing contract work for other tour companies. In 2014, Ray Gallegos joined Dover Tours, driving the extended tours for us. We are happy to say that he continues driving for us through Lamoille Valley Transportation Company. Patsy Weber also assists and travels with us as a representative of the Citizens Plus Club in Sheldon. Paula Ahlers at Travel World, can also answer your questions and make reservations for you.

Dover Tours works with Travel World in Sheldon, IA for all airline reservations. We encourage our travelers to speak with Paula for the flights that are not included with the tour. She is an excellent travel agent and works to keep our groups together, always watching for schedule changes, etc. The telephone number for Travel World is #712-324-5304 or #800-383-8450 or you can email Paula at paula@tvlworld.net. Just a FYI, Paula is very knowledgeable when it comes to vacation packages for you and/or your family and can assist you with your flight/travel plans and answer your travel questions. She is just a phone call away.