2022 Tours

First of all, I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season with your families and friends. It seems like those times were just yesterday. We all know that life goes past too quickly. For me, it's time to get this newsletter out.

So, welcome to 2022. This year so many things have changed. We have all noticed the price of gas, even if you don't drive a vehicle. Motorcoach owners, venue owners, lodging owners have also been hit with all the cost increases. It's not only fuel, but maintenance, insurance, payroll, etc. In the end, it affects all aspects of the tours. When I voice my concern/worry to travelers, they all tell me they are all aware that prices have gone up. Hopefully, they have topped off. Then there is the Covid thing. We will always keep you informed as to regulations. Our tours were all filled this past year. That tells me that people are ready to travel again. Ray and I will continue to offer the very best of tours and do our best to keep the cost within reason. Thank you for understanding. So here comes 2022!!

Ark Encounter / Creation Museum

April 24 – May 1 – from Rapid City.

April 25 – April 30 – from Sheldon.

This is a tour that everyone enjoys. We have included, of course, the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter. Tuesday after spending the afternoon at the Creation Museum, we will enjoy a sunset dinner cruise on the Ohio River. Wednesday is spent at the Ark Encounter. On our way home we take a morning to visit a thoroughbred horse farm (in the past, this has been the highlight for some of us) Churchill Downs (home of the Kentucky Derby) and the Indianapolis Brickyard (speedway) where we will do a “Kiss the Brick” tour. It is a great week. Cost per person from Rapid City is: Single $1,625. Double $1,070. Triple/quad $1,140. Cost from Sheldon is: Single $1,355. Double $1,090. Triple/quad $1,015. There is a $250 per person deposit due when signing on for the tour. Balance would be due March 24th.

Ark Encounter / Creation Museum

Pawhuska and Waco

June 20 - 27 – from Rapid City.

June 21 - 26 – from Sheldon.

We visited these venues last summer and it was so much fun. If you are a follower of the Pioneer Woman and Fixer Upper, you will truly enjoy this tour. We start with a stop at the Mercantile in Pawhuska, OK. This is Pioneer Woman territory. The town itself is unique. Then add to it the Mercantile. We will have time for lunch in Pawhuska before traveling to Oklahoma City to visit the Memorial.

Cost per person from Rapid City is:
Single $1,450. Double $1,057. Triple/quad $940.

Cost per person from Sheldon is:
Single $1,145. Double $975. Triple/quad $810.

There is a $250 per person deposit due when signing on for the tour. Balance would be due May 20.

Pawhuska and Waco

New England in the Autumn

October 3 - 20 - from Rapid City.

October 4 - 19 - from Sheldon.

I enjoy absolutely every tour that comes out of the Dover Tours office. However, this tour is my very favorite one. If you are only going to visit the states of New England once, then this IS THE TOUR you should go on. We visit so many different venues, starting with Niagara Falls, cruise the Erie Canal, continuing into Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island and Connecticut .

When the tour has concluded, you will be able to say that you truly did visit New England, not just a certain state or area. Yet, this is not a rush tour. It is a “laid back, enjoy this part of our beautiful country” type tour. Just a sample of some of the places that we visit; Norman Rockwell Museum; Yankee Candle Flagship store; Waterbury Inn; Kank Highway; Stowe, VT; Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Factory; Morse Maple Syrup Farms; Van Trapp Family Resort; Cape Elizabeth in Maine; Lobster dinner; Boston city/history tour; Plymouth Rock; Martha's Vineyard; Newport RI mansions and so much more.

Because of this being so early in 2022, several of the venues are not taking reservations or pricing their product just yet. That creates a problem for me, as I can't price this tour today. Please be patient as I will get the price out ASAP. If you talk to anyone that has traveled on this tour, it's just the best advertising I could have ever asked for. It may seem a little long to you, but I guarantee you that on the way home, you, like everyone else that has gone on this tour, will say “where did that time go”? Last year, we had travelers that had taken this tour before, enjoyed it so much, they decided to go again. It is two weeks of fun and such a beautiful time of the year to visit New England. Join us. You will not regret it!!

New England in the Autumn


October 21 - 24 from Sheldon.

Our annual 4 day outing to Deadwood. We always have so much fun here. Enjoy the autumn beauty of the Black Hills. Lots to see/do besides gaming.

Price of $299 per person, double room.

$257 per person triple room.

$427 per person, single room.


Christmas in Branson

November 13 - 20 from Rapid City.

November 14 - 19 from Sheldon.

Always a very popular tour. Typically we see 9-10 shows, include several meals and a ton of holiday fun. Our show list includes, as of today; the Brett Family Christmas show; Daniel O'Donnell; Murder Mystery dinner show (We did this one last year. It was a hoot!); Miracle of Christmas at the Sight & Sound theatre; the Presley's; plus more to come. Wow! And, that is just the beginning. I will be filling in the show slots as reservations become available.

The Brett Family; Daniel O'Donnell; Yakov; Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre; Dixie Stampede; Sander's Family Christmas; The Presley's; Baldknobber; Miracle of Christmas at the Sight & Sound Theatre; REZA, the Illusionist; holiday lights tour.

Price - From Sheldon - $1250 per person double

$1170 per person triple/quad

From Rapid City - $1460 per person, double

$1340 per person, triple/quad

Christmas in Branson


February 17 - March 1, 2023

We have reservations for the Hawaiian Island cruise visiting Oahu, Maui, Kauai and the big island of Hawaii. It's too early for me to get pricing on hotels for 2023. I should have this ready by mid March, if not sooner. Typically, we fly into Honolulu on a Friday (February 17th) spend the night in Waikiki, board the cruise ship on Saturday, cruise the islands during the week, return to Waikiki the following Saturday, returning home on the Wednesday, March 1st. I arrange tours of all four islands. How can this NOT be a favorite tour for everyone? As with quite a few of our tours, we have repeaters. Just think of /dream of beautiful Hawaii in February? It is great!


What a year we have planned. These tours, in addition to the private tours we have put together, have kept Ray and I busy planning and dreaming.

I was asked what a tour day is like on a Dover Tour. Our typical day starts at approximately 8:00AM (after breakfast, which is usually an included meal), we travel to our included venues that day and then end our day at 6:00PM. By that time, your tour guide and driver are getting a little fatigued and ready to call it a day. It could be a little later if we have an included meal. Rarely, if ever, do we do any traveling into the evening. I know of some tours, and I have done them myself, that have you eating your evening meal about 4:30-5:00 and then traveling another 2-3 hours before arriving at the hotel. Not my cup of tea! Besides, socializing over a cup of coffee and a card game in the evening is a great way to relax. I also heard that if you want a slower paced, laid back tour, Dover Tours was recommended! What a great comment. Ray and I always put ourselves in your place when planning these tours. Would we sign on, if we were looking for a tour? ABSOLUTELY!! You will always get more than you paid for on a Dover Tour.

Please don't hesitate to call us or email, if you are interested in any of the tours or have questions about touring. I will get a brochure out to you ASAP.

I hope to see you on the bus!